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~* Shrine to Kyoichi Saionji *~


Isn't Saionji just Kawaii?

Now, I guess I'll have to explain to you just how to navigate through this site.^^
At the very very top is the control panel, that's where the links to all the sites are. I'm probaly going to have links to Midis, too, If I decide not to be lazy, since I have to get these book reports done! - -; Bah... humbug!
So... when all is done, there should be a Saionji Picture gallery, a Saionji Profile, a Saionji Funny Fanfic(just to torture all you Saionji peeps ^^), & a Link to my other shrines! ^^
Shalon-chan sould enjoy all I have to offer, maybe now she'll stop wanting to go on my computer for Saionji pics... - -; Oh cripes... Now I have to make an Akio Shrine, a Tamahome Shrine, A Gene Shrine, A Tasuki Shrine.... ::anime falls:: NO!!!! I WON'T HAVE ANY SPACE LEFT!!!! *oo*
Don't mind me, I'm just having a nervous breakdown xX;
Well... you people look at everything I upload and put my hardwork into! - -; YOU HEAR ME SHALON! I DIDN'T MAKE THIS SHRINE FOR NO REASON OR MY OWN PERSONAL PLEASURE!!
^^; Um... ja ja for now! ::runs off to RP with David, maybe he'll be Touga and she'll get to be her created character Rei; giggles::


Konnichiwa & Welcome

This is the unoffical shrine to Kyoichi Saionji. I just made this site for one of my friends, that's about all. She always goes for the Green shaded-haired, pyschotic types. ^^; Mind you, I know Saionji is a good guy undernearth. The same with *my* Favorite Student Counsil President. ::nervously laughs, knowing David is going to see this:: Don't worry Luv! ^^ I'm just in love with Touga, but I love you! ::giggles:: That's in my friend's standards.

In love - Major Crush

Love - True love

Now, before this, I thought it was the other way around. But I guess it isn't anymore. ^^; I better stop Dabbling, this is a Shrine to Saionji, not Touga or David. A shrine to David, now... why didn't I think of that before? oo; I'll think about it. Anyways, everyone enjoy what little I'm going to have on this site ^^;

Don't sue me for anything on this page... I'm just a fangirl of Touga who is making this for her best friend who happenes to be a fangirl of Saionji - -;